October 2016

Arvedi Group: 190/209 MVA EAF Transformer inspection, root cause analysis, repair and re-installation.

Arvedi Group is one of the most significant European steelmaking realities. Its manufacturing nucleus is composed of four companies, located in northern Italy at the centre of a highly concentrated market for steel consumption. Those companies were conceived with an eye to specialization and have been optimized as regards organization, structures and plants so as to constantly improve quality, flexibility, production efficiency and speed of response to the market.
The Arvedi’s EAF Transformer, 190/209 MVA - 33 kV, went out of service during its operation due to an internal fault of the plant. The Tamini Team was urgently called and hired for the repair, to avoid a long production downtime. Considering the emergency of the situation, the request of Arvedi was to get a reliable assessment of the failure, perform an internal inspection, repair the damages and get back the unit in operation in a very reduced delivery time.
The transformer was moved to the TES workshop in Ospitaletto thanks to an exceptional load transport, it was repaired (after the damages identification), it was re-tested, shipped back to the Arvedi plant and re-installed.
The activity has been rapidly carried out with the support of the engineering department and the transformer has been put again in service in only 13 days from the date of failure, allowing the restarting of the plant operation and reducing the losses caused by the halt in production.
The joint and fast response provided by Tamini has consolidated the positive relationship with the Costumer and has given the opportunity to inspect & repair a second unit of the same plant and supply to Arvedi a new Furnace Transformer during the next year.