Quality, Health, Safety and Environment policy
Tamini aims to achieve the highest standards of Quality, Environmental safeguard, Health, Safety and corruption prevention incorporating the principles of sustainable development and respect for legality in all its activities.

Tamini identifies as integrated priorities of its business:

  • the satisfaction of its Customers;

  • the health and safety of its employees, contractors and visitors;

  • the protection of the environment;

  • the corruption prevention.

The entire organization is oriented towards achieving these goals.
The management of Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental impact and corruption prevention and the related risk assessment principles are integrated in all business processes.
Management is responsible and accountable for achieving excellence in Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental and corruption prevention performance for successful business results.
Tamini is committed to train its employees to implement and comply with its Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental and corruption prevention impact systems, strengthening the management and improving their skills, emphasizing employees’ evaluation and commitment, while ensuring compliance with the ethical principles established in the Code of Ethics.

Quality is our main competitive advantage

  • We comply with the requirements of our customers and exceed their expectations;

  • Differentiation is achieved through the development of innovative and reliable products and services, operational excellence and a superior customer experience.

  • We operate transparently, in full compliance with all norms and laws and our Code of Ethics.

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of everyone who works for us and uses our products

  • We are committed to eliminate dangers and reduce risks for the Health & Safety of the workers;

  • We are fully engaged to prevent injuries and work-related illnesses;

  • Working safely is a condition of employment in Tamini.

We are committed to developing a long-term sustainable business

  • Making the most efficient use of natural resources and energy.

  • Preventing pollution and minimizing the environmental impact of our operations and products.

We are committed to fight corruption in all its forms

  • We do not tolerate corruption which is prohibited in any form;

  • To behave in a manner based on the criteria of correctness, loyalty and moral integrity, is the condition to work in Tamini;

  • We comply with all the laws, standards and regulations on the subject of fighting corruption in Italy and in all countries in which we operate;

  • We conduct the business in such a way as to preclude involvement in corruption and prevent facilitating or risking involvement in illegal situations with public and private subjects;

  • We are committed to provide within the organization a framework of reference for identifying, reviewing and achieving the anti-bribery objectives;

  • We encourage the reporting of cases or suspicions of corruption as well as violations of the corruption prevention system in good faith or based on a reasonable belief by anyone, without fear of retaliation;

  • We guarantee the authority and independence of the Compliance function for the prevention of corruption;

  • We prohibit to:
    • accept the requests for or to authorise someone to directly or indirectly accept or solicit a payment or economic advantage or any other utility or benefit from a public or private party;
    • offer, promise, give, pay or authorize someone to give or pay, directly or indirectly, money, other economic advantages, utilities or benefits of any kind to a public or private party;
    • receive or obtain a promise of money or other benefits, for oneself or for others, in return for performing or refraining from actions in breach of the obligations inherent to his/her position or the obligations of loyalty, also causing damage to the company itself;
    • make threats to or carry out revenge on anyone who has refused to commit a corrupt act or who has reported an event

  • We are aware that the violation of any of the provisions described in this Policy by an employee will result in an internal investigation, while if it turns out that third party has violated this Policy, the violation may lead to sanctions such as suspension, in the case of company qualification, or termination of the contract.

Tamini recognizes the importance of implementing this policy throughout its Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental and corruption prevention management systems, across the entire business processes, from suppliers to customers.
Tamini is committed to comply with applicable legal requirements relating to Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and corruption prevention
Tamini communicates this Policy throughout its organization, contractors and business associates, making it available to the public, and we are engaged to involve and consult the workers and their representatives.
We undertake to keep this policy updated and continuously improve our Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental and Corruption prevention management performances.



   QHSE Policy IT / EN