February 2016

Combined Rectifier/Transformer Short Circuit successfully tested.

The combined type test between the FRIEM Rectifier (80kA-510Vdc-12 pulse) and the TAMINI Rectifier Transformer - with rated power 48 MVA (53.8 MVA Overload), ratio 63000/373 V – was successfully completed last week. It was implemented in the test room of the Ospitaletto (BS – Italy) production plant, under the supervision of senior technicians of the two companies.
The test was performed by feeding, with sinusoidal wave shape at 50 Hz, the transformer connected to the rectifier at the HV terminals. The transformer was connected to the rectifier, whose controlling system was also tested by the PLC (Program Logic Control) to simulate the working conditions at the installation site.
The test procedure has been developed together by Friem and Tamini.
The general project covers the requirements for the design and construction of 2 Rectifier Transformers (1 fixed unit and 1 mobile/spare unit) for electrolysis process of the zinc electro-winning plant in Canada. The equipment will be utilized for a permanent installation to supply DC power to zinc electrolytic cells on a continuous - 24 hours per day, 7 days per week - and uninterrupted basis for periods of time extending up to one year at a time.
The Rectifier Transformers has been designed and manufactured with the most modern and efficient design to guarantee an extended life with low maintenance.