April 2017

No. 3 Shunt Reactors for the Moldovan Moldelectrica

On the 21st of February  the Commercial Director of Tamini, Danilo Dosi, signed an important contract with Mr. Ghennadi Dimov, the General Director of Moldelectrica, and now the contract is coming into force.
Moldelectrica is the Moldovan state owned transmission system operator, which operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy and Trade.

Tamini has been appointed for the design, construction, testing, transportation, erection and commissioning of No. 3 Shunt Reactors of 55 MVAr,  400 kV, for the electrical substation in Vulcanesti, a city in the south of Moldova. Shunt reactors are used in a power system to compensate the capacitive reactive power required by the large HV grids and Tamini has the right skills to manufacture three-phase and single-phase units, with a power rating up to 300 MVAr and a system voltage up to 420 kV.
The contract also includes the removal of the old existing reactors and all the civil engineering works necessary to rebuilt the site for the new units’ installation. Terna Plus, the company of Terna Group which is responsible for new business development both in Italy and abroad, will participate as a subcontractor, supporting Tamini in all these activities.
The total value of the contract is higher than 2 million Euro and the project has to be completed within 24 months.

Tamini has strengthened his presence in Moldova and now hope in a long-term relationship with its major grid operator.