June 2016

TAMINI at the “First SEERC Power Conference” (by NC CIGRÉ).

At the beginning of the month, Tamini participated at the “First SEERC Power Conference”, organized by NC CIGRÉ and held in Portoroz, Slovenia, on the 7th and 8th June 2016.

Tamini with a team from Terna presented the project “Use of shunt reactors for smart voltage control in EHV/HV grid”. The paper dealt with the necessity of evolving the network management introducing devices such as shunt reactors, in order to assure stability, reliability and safety to the electrical system. Thanks to its wide expertise in manufacturing, Tamini gave the audience an overview on the basic types of reactors, ranging from their construction technologies to their common applications. Tamini also detailed the many peculiarities affecting the performances of these reactors, pointing out how such traits have a strong impact on the design and showing several solutions that Tamini developed to face these challenges.

Tamini looks forward to participate in the next edition of the “SEERC Power Conference”.