Transformers and Reactors for Electrical Energy Distribution

Distribution transformers are used wherever it is necessary to connect systems for transmission, distribution and utilisation of electrical energy, which function at different voltages, in order to transfer large quantities of active and reactive energy between these systems.
These are nowadays used as well in mobile substations, needed to feed energy where a standard substation is not or cannot be built.
The geometry and the particular characteristics sometimes used in those transformers (multiple, primary and secondary voltages, plug-in connections, etc.) make them special in the design construction.
Tamini also provides transformers and reactors for special applications: 

  • Transformers for feeding test laboratories (e.g. laboratories to check the short-circuit withstand capability of electric devices such as circuit-breakers, switches, transformers, etc)
  • Neutral Earthing Transformers and Reactors
  • Current limiting reactors.