Dry Type MV/MV, MV/LV and LV/LV Distribution Transformers for industrial application

Dry-type transformers are used to minimize fire hazard and other environmental contamination on surroundings and people, like in large office buildings, hospitals, shopping centers and warehouses, sea going vessels, oil and gas production facilities and other sites where a fire has potential for catastrophic consequences.

Distribution transformers MV/MV, MV/LV and LV/LV, in our production range, are dry type AIR FILLED, with AN or AF (or combined) cooling method, class H or F, in accordance with E0, F0 and C0 class.

Our transformers can be offered also with protection box IP 21/31/44/54, in accordance with international std. Transformers in this range are three phase or single phase and can be manufactured with off-circuit tap changer or on-load tap changer.


Product Scope

  • System voltage up to 36 kV
  • Power rating up to 10 MVA